Several sections of the floor pans and about a two inch section of the back wall needed to be removed and replaced. Good thing we put in those sub-frame connectors!

I also had to replace part of the drive shaft tunnel.

More pictures showing just how much of the floor pans had to be removed.

New floor pans and back wall welded in place.

These pictures show the completion of the supports for the bed panel. For the frotn bed panel support I used a piece of angle iron from a bed rail. This will make it a little stronger than the original piece from the factory.

There was a bad spot on the driver's floorboard that had to be replaced.

And also a small one on the passenger's side.

The seams are sealed and ready to be coated.

The last 3 pictures show the completed job. I used a brush to put on 2 good coats of Zero Rust.

Tools & supplies used for this process:

  • a vice,
  • 2 - 1½ foot pieces of angle iron,
  • a hoe handle,
  • a cheap bead roller from Harbor Freight, and of course,
  • a mig welder.

The hoe handle was used to mold the step-up on the rear pans. I did all of this with 20-gauge sheet metal for the repair since the sbu fram connectors will connect the whole car and give it the support it needs.